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absorbing boom: A device that floats on the water and is used to stop the spread of an oil spill and aid in its removal.

absorbing well: A shaft that permits water to drain through an impermeable stratum to a permeable stratum.

absorption bed: A sizable pit containing coarse aggregate about a distribution pipe system, absorbs the effluent of a septic tank.

absorption column: NULL

absorption cycle: In refrigeration, the process whereby a circulating refrigerant, for example, ammonia, is evaporated by heat from an aqueous solution at elevated pressure and subsequently reabsorbed at low pressure, displacing the need for a compressor.

absorption dynamometer: A device for measuring mechanical forces or power in which the mechanical energy input is absorbed by friction or electrical resistance.

absorption field: Trenches containing coarse aggregate about distribution pipes permitting septic-tank effluent to seep into surrounding soil. Also known as disposal field.

absorption hygrometer: An instrument with which the water vapor content of the atmosphere is measured by means of the absorption of vapor by a hygroscopic chemical.

absorption loss: The quantity of water that is lost during the initial filling of a reservoir because of absorption by soil and rocks.

absorption meter: An instrument designed to measure the amount of light transmitted through a transparent substance, using a photocell or other light detector.

absorption number: A dimensionless group used in the field of gas absorption in a wetted-wall column, represents the liquid side mass-transfer coefficient.

absorption plant: A facility to recover the condensable portion of natural or refinery gas.

absorption process: A method in which light oil is introduced into an absorption tower so that it absorbs the gasoline in the rising wet gas, the light oil is then distilled to separate the gasoline.

absorption refrigeration: Refrigeration in which cooling is effected by the expansion of liquid ammonia into gas and absorption of the gas by water, the ammonia is reused after the water evaporates.

absorption system: A refrigeration system in which the refrigerant gas in the evaporator is taken up by an absorber and is then, with the application of heat, released in a generator.

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