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absorption tower: A vertical tube in which a rising gas is partially absorbed by a liquid in the form of falling droplets. Also known as absorption column.

absorption trench: A trench containing coarse aggregate about a distribution tile pipe through which septic-tank effluent may move beneath earth.

absorption-emission pyrometer: A thermometer for determining gas temperature from measurement of the radiation emitted by a calibrated reference source before and after this radiation has passed through and been partially absorbed by the gas.

absorptivity: The ratio of the radiation absorbed by a surface to the total radiation incident on the surface.

Abt track: One of the cogged rails used for railroad tracking in mountains and so arranged that the cogs are not opposite one another on any pair of rails.

abutment: A surface or mass provided to withstand thrust, for example, end supports of an arch or a bridge.

abutting joint: A joint which connects two pieces of wood in such a way that the direction of the grain in one piece is angled (usually at 90°) with respect to the grain in the other.

abutting tenons: Two tenons inserted into a common mortise from opposite sides so that they contact.

ac: NULL

accelerated aging: Hastening the deterioration of a product by a laboratory procedure in order to determine long-range storage and use characteristics.

accelerated life test: Operation of a device, circuit, or system above maximum ratings to produce premature failure, used to estimate normal operating life.

accelerated weathering: A laboratory test used to determine, in a short period of time, the resistance of a paint film or other exposed surface to weathering.

accelerating incentive: NULL

acceleration: The rate of change of velocity with respect to time.

acceleration analysis: A mathematical technique, often done graphically, by which accelerations of parts of a mechanism are determined.

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