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acceleration measurement: The technique of determining the magnitude and direction of acceleration, including translational and angular acceleration.

acceleration of free fall: NULL

acceleration of gravity: The acceleration imparted to bodies by the attractive force of the earth, has an international standard value of 980.665 cm/s2 but varies with latitude and elevation. Also known as acceleration of free fall, apparent gravity.

acceleration signature: A printed record that shows the pattern of acceleration and deceleration of an anatomical reference point in the performance of a task.

acceleration tolerance: The degree to which personnel or equipment withstands acceleration.

acceleration-error constant: The ratio of the acceleration of a controlled variable of a servomechanism to the actuating error when the actuating error is constant.

accelerator: A device for varying the speed of an automotive vehicle by varying the supply of fuel.

accelerator jet: The jet through which the fuel is injected into the incoming air in the carburetor of an automotive vehicle with rapid demand for increased power output.

accelerator linkage: The linkage connecting the accelerator pedal of an automotive vehicle to the carburetor throttle valve or fuel injection control.

accelerator pedal: A pedal that operates the carburetor throttle valve or fuel injection control of an automotive vehicle.

accelerator pump: A small cylinder and piston controlled by the throttle of an automotive vehicle so as to provide an enriched air-fuel mixture during acceleration.

accelerogram: A record made by an accelerograph.

accelerograph: An accelerometer having provisions for recording the acceleration of a point on the earth during an earthquake or for recording any other type of acceleration.

accelerometer: An instrument which measures acceleration or gravitational force capable of imparting acceleration.

accelerometry: The quantitative determination of acceleration and deceleration in the entire human body or a part of the body in the performance of a task.

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