Definiciones con A

accent lighting: Directional lighting which highlights an object or attracts attention to a particular area.

acceptability: State or condition of meeting minimum standards for use, as applied to methods, equipment, or consumable products.

acceptable quality level: The maximum percentage of defects that has been determined tolerable as a process average for a sampling plan during inspection or test of a product with respect to economic and functional requirements of the item. Abbreviated AQL.

acceptable reliability level: The required level of reliability for a part, system, device, and so forth, may be expressed in a variety of terms, for example, number of failures allowable in 1000 hours of operating life. Abbreviated ARL.

acceptance criteria: Standards of judging the acceptability of manufactured items.

acceptance number: The maximum allowable number of defective pieces in a sample of specified size.

acceptance sampling: Taking a sample from a batch of material to inspect for determining whether the entire lot will be accepted or rejected.

acceptance test: A test used to determine conformance of a product to design specifications, as a basis for its acceptance.

acceptor: A calcined carbonate used to absorb the carbon dioxide evolved during a coal gasification process.

access: Freedom, ability, or the legal right to pass without obstruction from a given point on earth to some other objective, such as the sea or a public highway.

access door: A provision for access to concealed plumbing or other equipment without disturbing the wall or fixtures.

access flooring: NULL

access hole: NULL

access road: A route, usually paved, that enables vehicles to reach a designated facility expeditiously.

access tunnel: A tunnel provided for an access road.

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