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azimuth circle: A ring calibrated from 0 to 360° over a compass, compass repeater, radar plan position indicator, direction finder, and so on, which provides means for observing compass bearings and azimuths.

azimuth dial: Any horizontal circle dial that reads azimuth.

azimuth error: An error in the indicated azimuth of a target detected by radar.

azimuth indicator: An approach-radar scope which displays azimuth information.

azimuth instrument: An instrument for measuring azimuths, particularly a device which fits over a central pivot in the glass cover of a magnetic compass. Also known as azimuth bar, bearing bar.

azimuth line: A radial line from the principal point, isocenter, or nadir point of a photograph, representing the direction to a similar point of an adjacent photograph in the same flight line, used extensively in radial triangulation.

azimuth scale: A graduated angle-measuring device on instruments, gun carriages, and so forth that indicates azimuth.

azimuth transfer: Connecting, with a straight line, the nadir points of two vertical photographs selected from overlapping flights.

azimuth traverse: A survey traverse in which the direction of the measured course is determined by azimuth and verified by back azimuth.

azimuth-adjustment slide rule: A circular slide rule by which a known angular correction for fire at one elevation can be changed to the proper correction for any other elevation.

azimuth-stabilized plan position indicator: A north-upward plan position indicator (PPI), a radarscope, which is stabilized by a gyrocompass so that either true or magnetic north is always at the top of the scope regardless of vehicle orientation.

Azusa: A continuous-wave, high-accuracy, phase-comparison, single-station tracking system operating at C-band and giving two direction cosines and slant range which can be used to determine space position and velocity of a vehicle (usually a rocket or a missile)

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