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accessory: A part, subassembly, or assembly that contributes to the effectiveness of a piece of equipment without changing its basic function, may be used for testing, adjusting, calibrating, recording, or other purposes.

accident frequency rate: The number of all disabling injuries per million worker-hours of exposure.

accident severity rate: The number of worker-days lost as a result of disabling injuries per thousand worker-hours of exposure.

accident-cause code: Sponsored by the American Standards Association, the code that classifies accidents under eight defective working conditions and nine improper working practices.

accommodation: Any alteration in a robot's motion in response to the robot's environment, it may be active or passive.

accordion door: A door that folds and unfolds like an accordion when it is opened and closed.

accordion partition: A movable, fabric-faced partition which is fitted into an overhead track and folds like an accordion.

accordion roller conveyor: A conveyor with a flexible latticed frame which permits variation in length.

accretion: Artificial buildup of land due to the construction of a groin, breakwater, dam, or beach fill.

accumulated discrepancy: The sum of the separate discrepancies which occur in the various steps of making a survey.

accumulative timing: A time-study method that allows direct reading of the time for each element of an operation by the use of two stopwatches which operate alternately.

accustomization: The process of learning the techniques of living with a minimum of discomfort in an extreme or new environment.

acetate process: Acetylation of cellulose (wood pulp or cotton linters) with acetic acid or acetic anhydride and sulfuric acid catalyst to make cellulose acetate resin or fiber.

acetone-benzol process: A dewaxing process in petroleum refining, with acetone and benzol used as solvents.

acetylene cutting: NULL

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