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Ebert ion counter: An ion counter of the aspiration condenser type, used for the measurement of the concentration and mobility of small ions in the atmosphere.




EDEL room: A control room in a sound-recording studio in which reflective or diffusive surfaces are placed near the loudspeaker and above the mixing console, while the rear wall behind the mixer is made absorptive. Derived from LEDE room (by reverse spelling).

Edeleanu process: A process for removal of compounds of sulfur from petroleum fractions by an extraction procedure utilizing liquid sulfur dioxide, or liquid sulfur dioxide and benzene.

Egerton's effusion method: A method of determining vapor pressures of solids at high temperatures, in which one measures the mass lost by effusion from a sample placed in a tightly sealed silica pot with a small hole, the pot rests at the bottom of a tube that is evacuated for seve

Ehrenfest's equations: Equations which state that for the phase curve P(T) of a second-order phase transition the derivative of pressure P with respect to temperature T is equal to (Cfp - Cip)/TV(gamma

Einthoven galvanometer: NULL

Ekman current meter: A mechanical device for measuring ocean current velocity which incorporates a propeller and a magnetic compass and can be suspended from a moored ship.

Ekman dredge: A special type of dredge for sampling sediment that is fitted with opposable jaws operated by a messenger traveling down a cable to release a spring catch.

Ekman water bottle: A cylindrical tube fitted with plates at both ends and used for deep-water samplings, when hit by a messenger it turns 180°, closing the plates and capturing the water sample.

Elektrion process: A process of condensation and polymerization in which a mixture of a relatively light mineral oil and a fatty oil is subjected to an electric discharge in an atmosphere of hydrogen, the product is a very viscous oil used for blending with lighter lubricat

Elgin extractor: Spray-tower, multistage, counterflow extractor in which the diameter of the base section is expanded to eliminate flow restriction at the light-liquid distribution location.

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