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Fahrenheit scale: A temperature scale, the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) is the sum of 32 plus frac95; the temperature in degrees Celsius, water at 1 atmosphere (101,325 pascals) pressure freezes very near 32°F and boils very near 212°F.

Fahrenheit's hydrometer: A type of hydrometer which carries a pan at its upper end in which weights are placed, the relative density of a liquid is measured by determining the weights necessary to sink the instrument to a fixed mark, first in water and then in the liquid being st

Fales-Stuart windmill: A windmill developed for farm use from the two-blade airfoil propeller. Also known as Stuart windmill.

Falk flexible coupling: A spring coupling in which a continuous steel spring is threaded back and forth through axial slots in the periphery of two hubs on the shaft ends.

Faraday cage: NULL

Faraday screen: NULL

Faraday shield: Electrostatic shield composed of wire mesh or a series of parallel wires, usually connected at one end to another conductor which is grounded. Also known as Faraday cage, Faraday screen.

Faraday tube: A tube of force for electric displacement which is of such size that the integral over any surface across the tube of the component of electric displacement perpendicular to that surface is unity.

Faugeron kiln: A coal-fired tunnel kiln for firing feldspathic porcelain, the distinctive feature is the separation of the tunnel into a series of chambers by division walls on the cars and drop arches in the roof.

Faxen drag factor: NULL

Fell system: A method of traction intended for steep railroad slopes, a central rail is gripped between horizontal wheels on the locomotive.

Fenske equation: NULL

Fenske-Underwood equation: Equation in plate-to-plate distillation-column calculations relating the number of theoretical plates needed at total reflux to overall relative volatility and the liquid-vapor composition ratios on upper and lower plates. Also known as Fenske equation.


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