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Gabor trolley: A small three-wheel trolley with knife-edge wheels, used in constructing trajectories of charged particles in an electric field.


Galilean transformation: A mathematical transformation used to relate the space and time variables of two uniformly moving (inertial) reference systems in nonrelativistic kinematics.

Galileo's law of inertia: NULL

Galitzin pendulum: A massive horizontal pendulum that is used to measure variations in the direction of the force of gravity with time, and thus serves as the basis of a seismograph.

Galton whistle: A short cylindrical pipe with an annular nozzle, which is set into resonant vibration in order to generate ultrasonic sound waves.

Gantt chart: In production planning and control, a type of bar chart depicting the work planned and done in relation to time, each division of space represents both a time interval and the amount of work to be done during that interval.

Gantt task and bonus plan: A wage incentive plan in which high task efficiency is maintained by providing a percentage bonus as a reward for production in excess of standard.

GasFET: A gas sensor based on changes, upon exposure to hydrogen, in the surface part of the work function of a palladium component that serves as the gate contact of a metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET).

Gates crusher: A gyratory crusher which has a cone or mantle that is moved eccentrically by the lower bearing sleeve.

Gauss method of weighing: NULL

Gauss' principle of least constraint: The principle that the motion of a system of interconnected material points subjected to any influence is such as to minimize the constraint on the system, here the constraint, during an infinitesimal period of time, is the sum over the points of the prod

Gaussian weighing method: A method used to determine the accuracy of equal-arm balances and to test standard weights in which the sample is placed on one pan and the comparative weights on the other, and then the weights are interchanged in a second weighing.

Gay-Lussac tower: A component part in the chamber process for sulfuric acid production that absorbs nitrogen oxides to form nitrous vitriol.

Gay-Lussac's second law: The law that the internal energy of an ideal gas is independent of its volume.

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