Definiciones con I

I beam: A rolled iron or steel joist having an I section, with short flanges.

I-head cylinder: The internal combustion engine construction having both inlet and exhaust valves located in the cylinder head.



Imhoff cone: A graduated glass vessel for measuring settled solids in testing the composition of sewage.

Imhoff tank: A sewage treatment tank in which digestion and settlement take place in separate compartments, one below the other.

incidental element: NULL

incinerator: A furnace or other container in which materials are burned.

inclined cableway: A monocable arrangement in which the track cable has a slope sufficiently steep to allow the carrier to run down under its own weight.

inclined drilling: The drilling of blastholes at an angle with the vertical.

inclined plane: A plane surface at an angle to some force or reference line.

inclined-tube manometer: A glass-tube manometer with the leg inclined from the vertical to extend the scale for more minute readings.

incompetent rock: Soft or fragmented rock in which an opening, such as a borehole or an underground working place, cannot be maintained unless artificially supported by casing, cementing, or timbering.

incomplete lubrication: Lubrication that takes place when the load on the rubbing surfaces is carried partly by a fluid viscous film and partly by areas of boundary lubrication, friction is intermediate between that of fluid and boundary lubrication.

incompressibility: Quality of a substance which maintains its original volume under increased pressure.

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