Definiciones con L


L pad: A volume control having essentially the same impedance at all settings.

L-1 test: A 480-hour engine test in a single-cylinder Caterpillar diesel engine to determine the detergency of heavy-duty lubricating oils.

L-2 test: An engine test made in a single-cylinder Caterpillar diesel engine to determine the oiliness of an engine oil. Also known as scoring test.

L-3 test: An engine test in a four-cylinder Caterpillar engine to determine stability of crankcase oil at high temperatures and under severe operating conditions.

L-4 test: An engine test in a six-cylinder spark-ignition Chevrolet engine to evaluate crankcase oil oxidation stability, bearing corrosion, and engine deposits.

L-5 test: An engine test in a General Motors diesel engine to determine detergency, corrosiveness, ring sticking, and oxidation stability properties of lubricating oils.

L-head engine: A type of four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine having both inlet and exhaust valves on one side of the engine block which are operated by pushrods actuated by a single camshaft.

L/D ratio: Length to diameter ratio, a frequently used engineering relationship.

Lagrange bracket: Given two functions of coordinates and momenta in a system, their Lagrange bracket is an expression measuring how coordinates and momenta change jointly with respect to the two functions.

Lagrange function: NULL

Lagrange-Hamilton theory: The formalized study of continuous systems in terms of field variables where a Lagrangian density function and Hamiltonian density function are introduced to produce equations of motion.

Lagrange's equations: Equations of motion of a mechanical system for which a classical (non-quantum-mechanical) description is suitable, and which relate the kinetic energy of the system to the generalized coordinates, the generalized forces, and the time. Also known as Lagran

Lagrangian coordinates: NULL

Lagrangian density: For a dynamical system of fields or continuous media, a function of the fields, of their time and space derivatives, and the coordinates and time, whose integral over space is the Lagrangian.

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