Definiciones con S


S-N diagram: In fatigue testing, a graphic representation of the relationship of stress S and the number of cycles N before failure of the material.

Sabathé's cycle: An internal combustion engine cycle in which part of the combustion is explosive and part at constant pressure.

saber saw: A portable saw consisting of an electric motor, a straight saw blade with reciprocating mechanism, a handle, baseplate, and other essential parts.

saccharimeter: An instrument for measuring tly one side of the door or gate it fastens.

SAE number: A classification of motor, transmission, and differential lubricants to indicate viscosities, standardized by the Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE numbers do not connote quality of the lubricant.

safety: Methods and techniques of avoiding accident or disease.

safety can: A cylindrical metal container used for temporary storage or handling of flammable liquids, such as gasoline, naphtha, and benzine, in buildings not provided with properly constructed storage rooms, these cans are also used to transport such liquids for fi

safety chuck: Any drill chuck on which the heads of the set screws do not protrude beyond the outer periphery of the chuck.

safety engineer: A person who inspects all possible danger spots in a factory, mine, or other industrial building or plant.

safety engineering: The testing and evaluating of equipment and procedures to prevent accidents.

safety factor: The amount of load, above the normal operating rating, that a device can handle withprevents the load from accidentally slipping off the hook.

safety level of supply: The quantity of material, in addition to the operating level of supply, required to be on hand to permit continuous operations in the event of minor interruption of normal replenishment or unpredictable fluctuations in demand.

safety match: A match that can be ignited only when struck against a specially made friction surface.

safety plug: A protective device used on a heated pressure vessel (for example, a steam boiler), and containing a fusible element that melts at a predetermined safe temperature to prevent the buildup of excessive pressure. Also known as fusible plug.

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