Definiciones con V

V block: A square or rectangular steel block having a 90° V groove through the center, and sometimes provided with clamps to secure round workpieces.

V cut: In mining and tunneling, a cut where the material blasted out in plan is like the letter V, usually consists of six or eight holes drilled into the face, half of which form an acute angle with the other half.

V guide: A V-shaped groove serving to guide a wedge-shaped sliding machine element.

V jewels: Jewel bearings used in conjunction with a conical pivot, the bearing surface being a small radius located at the apex of a conical recess, found primarily in electric measuring instruments.

V-bend die: A die with a triangular cross-sectional opening to provide two edges over which bending is accomplished.

V-bucket carrier: A conveyor consisting of two strands of roller chain separated by V-shaped steel buckets, used for elevating and conveying nonabrasive materials, such as coal.

V-notch weir: NULL

V-tool: NULL



Van Dorn sampler: A sediment sampler that consists of a Plexiglas cylinder closed at both ends by rubber force cups, in the armed position the cups are pulled outside the cylinder and restrained by a releasing mechanism, and after the sample is taken, a length of surgical

vane: A flat or curved surface exposed to a flow of fluid so as to be forced to move or to rotate about an axis, to rechannel the flow, or to act as the impeller, for example, in a steam turbine, propeller fan, or hydraulic turbine.

vane anemometer: A portable instrument used to measure low wind speeds and airspeeds in large ducts, consists of a number of vanes radiating from a common shaft and set to rotate when facing the wind.

vane motor rotary actuator: A type of rotary motor actuator which consists of a rotor with several spring-loaded sliding vanes in an elliptical chamber, hydraulic fluid enters the chamber and forces the vanes before it as it moves to the outlets.

vane-type instrument: A measuring instrument utilizing the force of repulsion between fixed and movable magnetized iron vanes, or the force existing between a coil and a pivoted vane-shaped piece of soft iron, to move the indicating pointer.

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