Definiciones con X

X engine: An in-line engine with the cylinder banks so arranged around the crankshaft that they resemble the letter X when the engine is viewed from the end.

X frame: An automotive frame which either has side rails bent in at the center of the vehicle, making the overall form that of an X, or has an X-shaped member which joins the side rails with diagonals for added strength and resistance to torsional stresses.

x-ray diffractometer: An instrument used in x-ray analysis to measure the intensities of the diffracted beams at different angles.

x-ray goniometer: A scale designed to measure the angle between the incident and refracted beams in x-ray diffraction analysis.

x-ray machine: The x-ray tube, power supply, and associated equipment required for producing x-ray photographs.

x-ray monochromator: An instrument in which x-rays are diffracted from a crystal to produce a beam having a narrow range of wavelengths.

x-ray telescope: An instrument designed to detect x-rays emanating from a source outside the earth's atmosphere and to resolve the x-rays into an image, they are carried to high altitudes by balloons, rockets, or space vehicles, although several types of x-ray detector, i

x-ray thickness gage: A thickness gage used for measuring and indicating the thickness of moving cold-rolled sheet steel during the rolling process without making contact with the sheet, an x-ray beam directed through the sheet is absorbed in proportion to the thickness of the

XY recorder: A recorder that traces on a chart the relation of two variables, neither of which is time.

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