Definiciones con Y

Y branch: A Y-shaped branch in a piping system. Also known as wye branch.

Y fitting: A pipe fitting with one end subdivided to form two openings, usually at a 45° angle to the run of the pipe. Also known as wye fitting.

Y level: A surveyor's level with Y-shaped rests to support the telescope. Also known as wye level.

yard crane: NULL

yard drain: A drain for clearing an open area of surface water.

yard lumber: A category of lumber up to 5 inches (12.5 centimeters) thick.

yard maintenance: A category of maintenance that includes the complete rebuilding of parts, subassemblies, or components.

yardage: An amount expressed in yards.

yaw acceleration: The angular acceleration of an aircraft or missile about its normal or Z axis.

yaw axis: A vertical axis through an aircraft, rocket, or similar body, about which the body yaws, it may be a body, wind, or stability axis. Also known as yawing axis.

yaw simulator: A test instrument used to derive and thereby permit study of probable aerodynamic behavior in controlled flight under specific initial conditions, certain components of the missile guidance system, such as the receiver or servo loop, are connected into th

yawing: NULL

yawing axis: NULL

yd: NULL

yield factor: The ratio of the amount of material that results from an industrial process to the amount of material that went into it.

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