Definiciones con Z

Z variometer: NULL

z-transfer function: NULL

zee: A metal member whose cross section has a modified Z shape, the internal angles are slightly less than 90°.

zero adjuster: A device for adjusting the pointer position of an instrument or meter to read zero when the measured quantity is zero.

zero bevel gear: A special form of bevel gear having curved teeth with a zero-degree spiral angle.

zero defects: A program for improving product quality to the point of perfection, so there will be no failures due to defects in construction.

zero gravity: NULL

zero level: Reference level used for comparing sound or signal intensities, in audio-frequency work, a power of 0.006 watt is generally used as zero level, in sound, the threshold of hearing is generally assumed as the zero level.

zero method: NULL

zero-order hold: A device which converts a sampled output into an output which is held constant between samples at the last sampled value.

zeroth law of thermodynamics: A law that if two systems are separately found to be in thermal equilibrium with a third system, the first two systems are in thermal equilibrium with each other, that is, all three systems are at the same temperature.

Ziegler process: A process for the low-pressure linear polymerization of ethylene and stereospecific polymerization of propylene, the product is a high-density polymer or elastomer.

zigzag rule: A folding ruler having pivoted sections that lock when the ruler is opened.

zipper: A generic name for slide fasteners in which two sets of interlocking teeth of the same design provide sturdy and continuous closure for adjacent pieces of textile, leather, and other materials.

zipper conveyor: A type of conveyor belt with zipperlike teeth that mesh to form a closed tube, used to handle fragile materials.

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