Definiciones con C


c axis: The angle that specifies the rotation of a machine tool about the z axis.

C chart: A quality-control chart showing number of defects in subgroups of constant size, gives information concerning quality level, its variability, and evidence of assignable causes of variation.

C size: One of a series of sizes to which trimmed paper and board are manufactured, for size CN, with N equal to any integer, the length of the longer side is 23/8-N/2 meters, while the length of the shorter side is 21/8-N<

C-tube bourdon element: Hollow tube of flexible (elastic) metal shaped like the arc of a circle, changes in internal gas or liquid pressure flexes the tube to a degree related to the pressure change, used to measure process-stream pressures.




cab: In a locomotive, truck, tractor, or hoisting apparatus, a compartment for the operator.

cab signal: A signal in a locomotive that informs the engine operator about conditions affecting train movement.

cabinet file: A coarse-toothed file with flat and convex faces used for woodworking.

cabinet hardware: Parts for the final trim of a cabinet, such as fastening hinges, drawer pulls, and knobs.

cabinet saw: A short saw, one edge used for ripping, the other for crosscutting.

cabinet scraper: A steel tool with a contoured edge used to remove irregularities on a wood surface.

cable buoy: A buoy used to mark one end of a submarine underwater cable during time of installation or repair.

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