Definiciones con P

p chart: A chart of the fraction defective, either observed in the sample or in some production period.


pace rating: NULL

pack: To provide protection for an article or group of articles against physical damage during shipment, packing is accomplished by placing articles in a shipping container, and blocking, bracing, and cushioning them when necessary, or by strapping the articles

package freight: Freight shipped in lots insufficient to fill a complete car, billed by the unit instead of by the carload.

packaged circuit: NULL

packaging: The process of physically locating, connecting, and protecting devices or components.

packed bed: A fixed layer of small particles or objects arranged in a vessel to promote intimate contact between gases, vapors, liquids, solids, or various combinations thereof, used in catalysis, ion exchange, sand filtration, distillation, absorption, and mixing.

packed tower: A fractionating or absorber tower filled with small objects (packing) to bring about intimate contact between rising fluid (vapor or liquid) and falling liquid.

packed tube: A pipe or tube filled with high-heat-capacity granular material, used to heat gases when tubes are externally heated.

packer: A device that is inserted into a hole being grouted to prevent return of the grout around the injection pipe.

packing ring: NULL

pachimeter: An instrument for measuring the limit beyond which shear of a solid ceases to be elastic.

Pachuca tank: Air-agitated, solid-liquid mixing vessel in which the air is injected into the bottom of a center draft tube, air and solids rise through the tube, with solids exiting the top of the tube and falling through the bulk of the liquid.

pachymeter: An instrument used to measure the thickness of a material, for example, a sheet of paper.

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