Definiciones con T


T beam: A metal beam or bar with a T-shaped cross section.

T bolt: A bolt with a T-shaped head, made to fit into a T-shaped slot in a drill swivel head or in the bed of a machine.

T rail: A rail shaped like a T in cross section due to a wide head, web, and flanged base.

T slot: A recessed slot, in the form of an inverted T, in the table of a machine tool, to receive the square head of a T-slot bolt.

tab stop: A column position to which the printing mechanism of a typewriter or computer printer advances upon receipt of a command.

tab-card cutter: A device for die-cutting card stock to uniform tabulating-card size.

tabled joint: In cut stonework, a bed joint formed by a broad, shallow channel in the surface of one stone that fits a corresponding projection of the stone above or below.

tablespoonful: A unit of volume used particularly in cookery, equal to 4 fluid drams or ½ fluid ounce, in the United States this is equal to approximately 14.7868 cubic centimeters, in the United Kingdom to approximately 14.2065 cubic centimeters. Abbreviated tbsp.

tableting: A punch-and-die procedure for the compaction of powdered or granular solids, used for pharmaceuticals, food products, fireworks, vitamins, and dyes.

tabling: Formation of a horizontal masonry joint by arranging building stones in a course so that they extend into the next course and thus prevent slippage.

tack: A small, sharp-pointed nail with a broad flat head.

tack coat: A thin layer of bitumen, road tar, or emulsion laid on a road to enhance adhesion of the course above it.

tack range: The length of time during which an adhesive will remain in the tacky-dry condition after application to an adherent.

tackiness: NULL

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