El Gobierno aprueba aprueba los Planes Hidrológicos hasta 2027 con especial foco en la desalación y reutilización de agua

The Government authorises the contracting of services for the Alicante desalination plant for more than 30 million euros

200 million loan to the Government of Jordan for the Aqaba Amman Desalination and Water Pipeline Project (AAWDCP)

The Egyptian government is considering three bids from international companies to implement joint water desalination projects with a total capacity of 300,000 m3/day

The Balearic Government announces 25 million euros in efficiency aid for public administrations and companies that manage water treatment plants, desalination plants and water supplies

The Government of Chile has published a report on the opportunities and challenges of water desalination in the country

Catalonia begins tests to bring reclaimed water to the final stretch of the Llobregat river

The Consorcio de Abastecimiento de Aguas de Fuerteventura (CAAF) calls for tenders for the renovation of the pipes of the desalination plant of Gran Tarajal for 70,000 euros

ACWA Power plans 3 new #desalination projects in 2023, increasing its production capacity by up to 15%

Saudi Arabia will spend $104.7 billion on 3,300 water projects, including the construction of a new 800,000m3/day desalination plant on the country’s east coast

The Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) is expected to announce the award of the Jubail 4 and 6 independent water project in the second quarter of this year. 35 companies, including several Spanish companies, have expressed interest in the project

Iran’s Ministry of Energy plans to increase desalinated water production capacity to 7 % by 2025

MITECO submits the Groundwater Action Plan 2023-2030 for public consultation. The deadline for submitting proposals, comments and suggestions is open until 13 March

The BOE publishes the order that subsidises desalinated water for irrigation in the Levante region

Almeria desalination plant undergoes a methodical review to measure its impact

The Balearic Water Agency will prioritise the reuse of water and energy neutrality

The Chinese-owned Swakop uranium mine near Arandis, Namibia, has proposed a joint venture with the Namibian government to build a second seawater desalination plant on the coast

Morocco to build three new desalination plants by 2023

Dutch political and technical representatives visited the Vega Baja del Segura (Alicante) to learn about water use and desalination plants in the region

Chinese scientists have developed a new method to transform seawater into hydrogen without the need for desalination



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