During this year 2020, digital technology has become the main alternative to alleviate the impossibility of making massive events with all health guarantees.

In this context, AEDyR has reinvented itself and has started to organize digital events that are broadcast in streaming.


The AEDyR International Congresses are currently one of the most important events in Europe focused on desalination and water reuse. In 2000, we organised our first national congress in Murcia and since then each edition has been hosted in a Spanish city.

For the first four editions, these events were held annually. It is since the Congress held in 2004 that this event has been held every two years and, from 2012 onwards, it has become international, becoming a benchmark for the industry.



13, 14 y 15 – June- 2023





The celebration of the AEDyR Technical Conferences arose to give demand to the growing interest in forums where to expose the latest products and services of the desalination and water reuse sector.

These AEDyR conferences are characterised by being eminently technical events on different topics of interest to our members in which the latest technological, commercial and academic or research innovations are presented.


AEDyR also organises and actively participates in other types of events, which are often the result of collaboration with other entities in the water sector, both national and international.

Below you can find a selection of the events of this type carried out by AEDyR in recent years.

IDA 2018 – Making Every Drop Count

IDA 2018 – Making Every Drop Count

Tras dos días de intensa actividad, la Conferencia Internacional sobre Reutilización y Reciclaje de la International Desalination Association (IDA) concluyó en Valencia superando las expectativas.

IDA International Reuse Conference – AEDyR

IDA International Reuse Conference – AEDyR

AEDyR se place en anunciar que los próximos días 24 y 27 de junio organizará en Valencia junto con IDA (International Desalination Association) la conferencia internacional sobre Reutilización “Making Every Drop Count”, donde esperamos contar con tu presencia.

11th Canagua & Energy International Fair

11th Canagua & Energy International Fair

La Jornada AEDyR-ANESE sobre “Servicios energéticos y las ventajas de la desalación y reutilización del agua” se celebró en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria el pasado 5 de octubre y contó con el patrocinio de Danfoss y la colaboración de GS Inima, Ecoagua, Valoriza Agua,...

IDA WORLD CONGRESS 2017 – Water Reuse & Desalination

IDA WORLD CONGRESS 2017 – Water Reuse & Desalination

IDA World Congress- 15 – 20 Octubre, 2017 – Sheraton World Trade Center – São Paulo Brazil. El Congreso Mundial IDA es el principal evento de reutilización y desalinización de agua en el que los líderes mundiales de la industria del agua convergen para establecer...


AEDyR coordinates with the University of Alicante and the University Institute of Water and Environmental Sciences of that university the online course of Specialist in Desalination and Water Reuse.

With this project, AEDyR aims to promote training in the field of these technologies, one of the priority objectives of our association.

This academic year (2023-2024) we arrange the tenth edition of the course, which is held in Spanish and it is also characterised by its strong internationalisation, with more international students attending in each edition.




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