The installation of mobile desalination plants in Catalan ports to recharge water tanks and for cleaning tasks is being explored

The Cabildo of Tenerife will install five portable desalination plants in the areas to tackle the lack of water in agriculture

Abu Dhabi sets June as deadline for bidding for Saadiyat and Hudayriat desalination plants

Israel publishes tender for concession to operate and expand Ashkelon desalination plant from 120 to 220 million m3/year capacity

Egypt’s Suez Canal Economic Zone will put out an international tender for a 250,000 m3/day desalination plant

The contract for the operation of the Santa Eulària and Sant Antoni desalination plants in Ibiza is being put out to tender. The deadline for submitting bids is the 25th of March

The Corpus Christi (USA) desalination plant construction project has attracted the attention of contractors from around the world and at least 175 companies met with city officials last week to learn more about the project

The Government of the Balearic Islands will invest 12 million euros to expand the Santa Eulària (Ibiza) desalination plant

The San Sebastián de La Gomera desalination plant, the first to be installed on the island, will begin testing in March

EU agrees to improve urban wastewater treatment and reuse

Catalonia declares emergency in the face of the worst drought in its history

The Spanish Government will finance the two new desalination plants of Tordera II and Foix, which will increase production capacity in Catalonia by 80 hm3 per year

The Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Generalitat of Catalonia are considering sending water by ship from the Sagunto desalination plant to the port of Barcelona if the drought does not improve

The government will bring desalinated water from Sagunto to Catalonia in the face of its severe drought

Calpe (Alicante) modernises the Barranc Salat desalination plant to improve its performance after more than two decades of use

The desalination plants in the Valencian Community are at one third of their production capacity

The Council of Ministers approves the conclusion of the works that complement the project to extend the protection works at the Bajo Almanzora desalination plant (Almeria)

Valencian plants triple the volume of desalination in a decade: the eight facilities will increase from 30 cubic hectometres in 2015 to 99.83 in 2022

Barcelona will make it compulsory to reuse shower water for toilets in new and renovated buildings with more than 16 dwellings or with more than 500 m3 of annual expenditure on showers and bathtubs with a new regulation

“Spain is a power in desalination both for its installed capacity and the strength of its industry”

The Egyptian government has approved Law 2/2024 on incentives for green hydrogen projects and its derivatives, including the construction of desalination plants

A study commissioned by the Association of Horticulturists, Fruit and Flower Growers of the municipalities of Odemira and Aljezur (AHSA) in Portugal proposes the construction of a desalination plant in Odemira, in the Portuguese region of Beja

The Community of Madrid will invest 27 million euros in extending and improving treatment for reuse at the Galapagar-Torrelodones WWTP and the Guadarrama Medio WWTP

Reclaimed water as an effective measure against drought: how much is reused and for what purpose?

Mallorca will have a fourth desalination plant in the region of Migjorn

The 2023 drought in Spain generated economic losses of 5.5 billion euros

“The paradox is that we don’t question bottled water, which is worth a thousand times more than desalinated water”

The Andalusian Regional Government commissions the drafting of the project to extend the Almeria desalination plant

Castellón will invest nearly 70 million euros to ensure that water from the province’s desalination plants reaches more municipalities

The work on the preliminary reports required for the construction of the desalination plant in Estepona (Malaga) has been completed

The Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura starts processing a new concession for the Águilas desalination plant (Murcia) for 5 cubic hectometres per year for irrigation purposes

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, at the Torrevieja desalination plant: “Spain has become the European leader in desalinated water production”

Although the total amount of water available on Earth has been constant since the formation of the planet, its distribution between ocean, land and atmosphere, and its state (liquid, solid, gaseous) varies and satellite data indicate an increase in the oceans

Ibiza’s fourth desalination plant will have to wait until the next term in office

Menorca extracts 20 per cent more water from the aquifers than it is authorised to do

Drinking water will taste different for a few days in Oropesa (Castellón) because, due to maintenance work at the desalination plant, residents will receive well water: “The hardness and sodium content will increase considerably”

The City Council of San Fernando (Cádiz) is studying the possibility of installing a temporary or portable system to be able to reuse water and use it for irrigation and watering in the city

Experts in water resources see the desalination plant in Maó (Menorca) as inevitable: “The situation is very bad”

The Cabildo of El Hierro calls for tenders for the purchase of three mobile containerised desalination plants

Hoteliers in Lloret de Mar (Barcelona) will buy a portable desalination plant to fill their swimming pools with water

Formentera will not suffer water restrictions this summer despite being on drought alert, as its water supply is assured by desalination

After more than 20 years analysing the Posidonia oceanica meadows around the brine discharges and in Alicante there is no desalination plant that has affected them

The MAPA will allocate 60.4 million euros to build infrastructures to guarantee irrigation with desalinated and reclaimed water for irrigators in the region of Nijar (Almeria)

The Regional Government approves the expansion of the Marbella desalination plant to produce up to 20 cubic hectometres

Port de la Selva (Girona) will use regenerated water to lower the level of salts in the aquifer, which have increased due to the drought and are preventing the desalination plant from working at full capacity, and plans to install a new seawater desalination plant

In Spain we could potentially reuse 4,000 cubic hectometres of water, but we are regenerating less than 10% of this amount, just over 380 cubic hectometres

The University of Santiago de Compostela is leading a Europe-wide project to study the effects of using reclaimed water from the Lugo wastewater treatment plant on crops in A Coruña

They develop a model that predicts the additional nutrients that the use of reclaimed water brings to olive groves, the well-managed use of which “could help to reduce farmers’ investment in plant nutrients”

Will agriculture have to compete with green hydrogen for the use of reclaimed water?

Among the actions to mitigate the effects of the drought in the Tenerife countryside are the improvement of water quality in certain areas, the promotion of desalination and regenerated water as alternatives to the lack of water from galleries and wells

Government and Junta agree on emergency measures against the drought, including expansion of desalination plants and co-financing the transfer of water in boats from the desalination plant in Murcia

The 5th edition of the MENA Desalination Projects Forum was held on 4-5 March 2024 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The European Union has decided to postpone a major initiative to improve its resilience against droughts and floods at a time when southern Europe is facing serious water scarcity problems

Currently, approximately 57,142 hectares of Spanish countryside are irrigated with reclaimed water and 20,550 hectares with desalinated water.

Desalinated water consumption in Ibiza reaches another record figure in 2023 after a rise of 3.5%

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) breaks nine Guinness World Records in desalination, including the world’s largest desalination plant, the plant with the lowest energy consumption and the world’s largest mobile desalination plant

Announcing the creation of the XPRIZE competition water scarcity competition, a US$119 million, 5-year global competition for innovative desalination solutions

The Roses – Cap de Creus Business Association has proposed to the Roses Town Council (Girona) to install a large desalination plant in the area of the former shellfish treatment plant

Water ships for Andalusia: one ship a day and a bill of 20 million euros in transport alone

The ICEX will organise a networking breakfast on 22 March with the Guanajuato State Water Commission (CEAG) in Mexico to showcase the experience of Spanish companies in the management of water resources and seek solutions to water scarcity

After two atmospheric rivers hit Southern California in the space of a few days, Los Angeles’ “sponge city” infrastructure has been able to capture some 32.5 hm3 of water, which can supply more than 100,000 homes for a year



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