The Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority has opened a tender for a $52.7 million upgrade of the Ras Abu Jarjour desalination plant

The Andalusian Regional Government is to spend almost 3.35 million euros to upgrade and improve the efficiency and quality of the water at the Marbella desalination plant

The Mogán Town Council (Gran Canaria) has approved the tender for the extension of the Playa de Mogán desalination plant, which will increase its production from 1,800 to 3,000 m3/day

The sharp rise in desalinated water consumption in Ibiza is brought forward by a month

The MITECO launches for public consultation the bases of the second call for subsidies within the PERTE for the digitalisation of the water cycle with a value of 200 million euros

IDE will execute the EPC of the desalination plant for the SADDN project, located in the Tocopilla area in northern Chile, which will supply desalinated water to three Codelco mines

Portugal’s Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro, has announced plans to publish the tender for the construction of the country’s first desalination plant, to be located in the municipality of Albufeira in the Algarve

Estepona Town Council (Malaga) agrees to build a desalination plant to guarantee the water supply

They propose the construction of a desalination plant in the Port of Huelva to guarantee 50 Hm3 of water for irrigation and supply

Floating solar-powered desalination plant wins Spain’s largest green ideas competition

EU to invest 150 million in Western Galilee desalination plant (Israel)

Saudi Arabia presents projects for Spanish companies in the water sector in Madrid

The Lower Guadalquivir calls for desalination plants, new reservoirs and direct aid for farmers because of the drought

Floating desalination plant barges installed to meet growing demand for drinking water during the Hajj season to Mecca and Medina (Saudi Arabia)

Battery-based electrochemical desalination technology developed to significantly reduce seawater desalination energy consumption

Different scientific studies predict that climate change will cause an increase in the proliferation of organic compounds that give taste and odour to water. The SÀPIDES project aims to anticipate and propose improvements in drinking water treatment

Confirmation that the flow of water over the surface of graphene is subject to quantum friction, which could have important implications for desalination

The UCLM seeks to obtain regenerated water of the highest quality for agricultural cultivation, without pollutants or traces of drugs

Researchers develop electrodialytic crystallisation, a more efficient and cost-effective method for removing salts from hypersaline industrial wastewater

The Water Reuse Consortium is born in the United States to address water challenges through innovative research, education, communication and collaboration between government, local communities, industry and academia



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