The interconnection between the Pilones stations and the El Atabal desalination plant (Malaga) goes out to tender

The Andalusian regional government is going to put out to tender for 850,000 euros the drafting of the project to expand the Almeria desalination plant

La European Desalination Society celebrará en junio en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria un evento sobre ‘Desalación para el Medio Ambiente’ y los asociados de AEDyR podrán beneficiarse de un precio reducido

The Canary Islands Technological Institute is looking to tender for disruptive technology in the experimental or commercial phase for the recovery of brine from seawater desalination plants

The Andalusian Regional Government announces a line of aid for projects to connect irrigators with regenerated water treatment plants or desalination plants

Work to extend and improve the tertiary treatment of the wastewater treatment plant at Algarrobo (Malaga) will soon be underway

They are promoting the construction of another desalination plant in Escombreras (Murcia) to meet the production of green hydrogen

They propose the construction of a network of small desalination plants distributed throughout the Axarquía (Málaga) to tackle the drought

The Tenerife Water Board has approved a budget of 208,319 euros for the drafting of a project to install a desalination plant in the Güímar Valley

Acosol proposes the expansion of the Marbella desalination plant as the most effective measure to tackle the drought on the Costa del Sol

Algerian Energy Company (AEC) is awarded the contract to build five new seawater desalination plants in Algeria with a production capacity of 300,000 m3/day each

Iran moves ahead with its seawater desalination plan: four desalination plants with a total capacity of 60,000 m3/day will start operating in Bushehr this summer

California water authorities have unanimously rejected the project to build a desalination plant in Huntington Beach

Investments in new desalination plants in the United Arab Emirates are valued at US$2 billion

Torreblanca (Castellón) will be connected to the Cabanes and Orpesa desalination plant, which will enable the municipality to be supplied with desalinated water

Environmental proceedings begin for first desalination plant for human consumption in Coquimbo (Chile)

A new technology capable of desalinating water to supply small communities or to generate hydrogen with the minimum expenditure of energy, using waste heat from an industrial machine or from the sea, is being tested in the Canary Islands

Singapore officially opens its fifth desalination plant on Jurong Island, with a capacity of 137,000 m3/day

The first reclaimed water reservoir in the north of Tenerife will be in Tegueste

Inauguration of Europe’s largest fire-fighting infrastructure using reclaimed water in the Parc Natural del Túria (Valencia)

Develop an analysis tool for the regulation of an energy recovery system, based on managing the flow and pressure setpoints in a water distribution system in an efficient way

China plans to become the world’s largest water technology market

The Institute of Ceramic Technology of Castellón participates in a project to promote the reuse of water

A new report expects the global water desalination market to grow from $13.5 billion in 2021 to $28.83 billion in 2030, an annual growth rate of 8.8%

Reclaimed water guarantees supply to face the summer in Tenerife

The Canary Islands loses almost half of the water it obtains from aquifers and the sea in the distribution networks

The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge launches a public consultation on the Royal Decree regulating the installation of floating photovoltaic plants on hydraulic infrastructures

MIT scientists invent small, portable device for desalinating seawater

Climate change is accelerating ocean currents and this may have a worrying domino effect

What are the harms of microplastics to humans?



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