Tender for a study for the construction of a desalination plant to improve agricultural production in the region of Guelmim (Morocco)

Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water has issued a call for tenders for the desalination plant in Doha

Invitation to tender for advanced systems for the elimination of nutrients from reclaimed wastewater at the Roldán-Balsicas and Fuente WWTPs (Murcia)

The Fuerteventura Island Council plans to contract this month the extension and improvement of the desalination plants in Puerto del Rosario and Corralejo

ACUAES autoriza la firma del convenio con el Ayuntamiento de Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) para la ejecución de las obras de una nueva EDAR, con inversión de 16,5 millones

La española Typsa firma un contrato marco con la Saudi Water Parthnership Company para los servicios de ingeniería de supervisión de las obras de 14 plantas desaladoras y 12 EDAR

An international consortium consisting of Metito, Orascom and Cobra is awarded the contract for the construction of a new seawater desalination plant in Sfax (Tunisia)

Construction of the seawater desalination plant at Corso (Algeria) begins

The UAE will develop three new desalination projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Umm Al Quwain to address water security needs

Construction of Texas’ first public-private brackish water desalination plant approved

Two new reservoirs in Pampanico and Almerimar will guarantee desalinated water in El Ejido (Almeria)

MITECO launches a public consultation on the modification of the Hydrological Planning Regulation

The US Environmental Protection Agency will include three new regulations aimed at reducing pollutants – PFAs and nutrients – from industries.

The draft Royal Decree on packaging and packaging waste that promotes tap water consumption through fountains and the promotion of reusable packaging for water is out for public information

The desalination plant in El Aaiún (Morocco) will be commissioned by the end of this year

The Balearic Islands are launching the drafting of a plan for the use of reclaimed water for irrigation

The Catalan Water Agency plans a 28 million investment to increase the reuse of water from the Reus (Tarragona) wastewater treatment plant

The Association of Businessmen of Southern Spain (CESUR) demands in a report the construction of new hydraulic infrastructures on the Costa del Sol

Galicia opts for grouped management of water infrastructures to save costs

A research team from the University of Cordoba is developing a tool to predict the behaviour of aquifers and the water needs of farmers

The US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has announced the five winners of the CREATE phase of the Waves to Water Prize, a competition focused on using wave energy to develop desalination technologies

UAE University researchers develop new energy-efficient desalination system

EU wastewater market study published to identify size and structural characteristics, types of wastewater and wastewater treatment requirements

Research finds 20 million km3 of salt water stored deep in the earth’s crust, making groundwater the largest water reservoir on earth

The publication NPJ Clean Water is preparing a special edition on water and is looking for articles on brackish and seawater desalination, municipal water reuse, industrial and agricultural water reuse

Kenya declares state of national disaster due to severe drought

Seoul adopts artificial intelligence to transform sewage treatment plants and what South Korea calls “water reuse centres”



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