The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has invited bids for the Hassyan desalination plant

The drafting of the project for the remodelling of the desalination plant in Palma, with an estimated base bidding budget of 41.5 million euros, has been put out to public tender

La Saudi Water Partnerships Company solicita propuestas a los licitadores precalificados, entre los que hay una fuerte presencia de empresas españolas, para la construcción de la desaladora Rabigh-4

Strong presence of our associates among the consortiums participating in the tender for the desalination plant in Casablanca (Morocco)

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan implement national programmes for water desalination and the improvement of drinking water production infrastructure

Kuwait plans to increase its desalination capacity to 2.8 million m³/day with the expansion of existing plants and the use of new technologies

New Royal Decree for the control of legionella (RD 487/2022), which will enter into force on 2 January 2023

Chile’s Servicio de Evaluación Ambiental (SEA) gives the green light to the start of environmental proceedings for the Aguas del Valle desalination plant project in Coquimbo

The Generalitat de Catalunya plans to allocate 176 million to water desalination to reach a production of 160 hm3/year: the Tordera plant will increase from 20 hm3/year to 80 hm3/year and a new plant will be built in the Foix river basin

Saudi Arabia halts the privatisation of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, the country’s leading water desalination company, and will transfer its assets to the government’s sovereign wealth fund

Codelco will start construction of the desalination plant for its Calama operations this year. The contract has been awarded to the companies that had been awarded in the previous tender process, which was cancelled in December 2019

The Moroccan government wants to build a desalination plant in Western Sahara. The implementation of the project has been entrusted to Dakhla Water & Energy Company (DAWEC), which will supply the new plant with wind energy

IDE Technologies will be in charge of the design and construction of the desalination plant in Fortaleza (Brazil), which will have a capacity of 86,400 m3/day

Environment allocates 1.8 million to the construction of a new tank in the desalination plant of Formentera

The Comunidad de Regantes de Águilas (Murcia) is carrying out a 1.1 million euro energy improvement project at its desalination plant and associated pumping stations

52 irrigation communities in Andalusia apply for aid for energy efficiency and the use of reclaimed water in irrigation

La Axarquia (Malaga) will have 19 cubic hectometres of reclaimed water available in the face of the drought.

Tap water in Las Palmas is the third best in Spain according to an OCU study, which highlights the added difficulty of producing quality drinking water in an environment with scarce water resources

The Commonwealth of the Taibilla Canals calls for tenders for the drafting of the project to extend and improve the seawater catchment of the desalination plants in Alicante

Vera Town Council (Almeria) initiates the procedures to build a new desalination plant

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is considering investment in a seawater desalination project in Egypt

Morocco to commission 20 desalination plants by 2030

Namibia prepares to build a new desalination plant: the feasibility study for the plant has been completed and the public-private partnership process for the project is entering an advanced stage

The Cabildo of La Gomera announces the construction of 3 desalination plants on the island to respond to the growing demand for water in municipalities and agriculture

The Cabildo of El Hierro starts up the first portable desalination plant of the three it plans to install soon

The Govern earmarks 543,000 euros for the project to infiltrate reclaimed water from the Sant Lluís wastewater treatment plant (Menorca)

Chile’s lower house urges public-private partnerships for desalination plants

The new Algorós treatment plant in Elche (Alicante) will have an investment of 50 million euros and 100% water reuse for agriculture

The biogas plant in Caparroso (Navarra) will have a treatment plant that will transform wastewater and liquid digestate into regenerated water for irrigation and into a solid fraction for fertiliser in crop fields or composting

The next Hydrological Plan of the Júcar Hydrological Confederation contemplates an investment of more than 90 million euros to increase the resources from desalination

The Government amends the spending limits for future years to facilitate the tendering and commissioning of priority investments in sanitation and treatment, flood risk and water plans

The MITECO launches a public consultation on the terms and conditions of the first PERTE call for the digitisation of the water cycle for urban supplies

An international consortium formed by French company Eiffage Génie Civil, India’s VA Tech Wabag and Japan’s Toyota Tsusho Corporation has won the contract for the Mamelles seawater desalination plant in Senegal

A new award-winning study shows that reclaimed water is a fully viable alternative for irrigating mango crops in the south-eastern peninsular

The German ambassador visits the Mutxamel desalination plant, one of the most technologically advanced in Europe

Camp de Tarragona produces more than 36,000 million litres of reclaimed water in 10 years

More than half of Spain’s groundwater is contaminated by nitrates, says Greenpeace

Cepsa plans to reduce freshwater abstractions in San Roque (Cádiz) by 20%

The interconnection between the Pilones stations and the El Atabal desalination plant (Malaga) goes out to tender

The Andalusian regional government is going to put out to tender for 850,000 euros the drafting of the project to expand the Almeria desalination plant

La European Desalination Society celebrará en junio en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria un evento sobre ‘Desalación para el Medio Ambiente’ y los asociados de AEDyR podrán beneficiarse de un precio reducido

The Canary Islands Technological Institute is looking to tender for disruptive technology in the experimental or commercial phase for the recovery of brine from seawater desalination plants

The Andalusian Regional Government announces a line of aid for projects to connect irrigators with regenerated water treatment plants or desalination plants

Work to extend and improve the tertiary treatment of the wastewater treatment plant at Algarrobo (Malaga) will soon be underway

They are promoting the construction of another desalination plant in Escombreras (Murcia) to meet the production of green hydrogen

They propose the construction of a network of small desalination plants distributed throughout the Axarquía (Málaga) to tackle the drought

The Tenerife Water Board has approved a budget of 208,319 euros for the drafting of a project to install a desalination plant in the Güímar Valley

Acosol proposes the expansion of the Marbella desalination plant as the most effective measure to tackle the drought on the Costa del Sol

Algerian Energy Company (AEC) is awarded the contract to build five new seawater desalination plants in Algeria with a production capacity of 300,000 m3/day each

Iran moves ahead with its seawater desalination plan: four desalination plants with a total capacity of 60,000 m3/day will start operating in Bushehr this summer

California water authorities have unanimously rejected the project to build a desalination plant in Huntington Beach

Investments in new desalination plants in the United Arab Emirates are valued at US$2 billion

Torreblanca (Castellón) will be connected to the Cabanes and Orpesa desalination plant, which will enable the municipality to be supplied with desalinated water

Environmental proceedings begin for first desalination plant for human consumption in Coquimbo (Chile)

A new technology capable of desalinating water to supply small communities or to generate hydrogen with the minimum expenditure of energy, using waste heat from an industrial machine or from the sea, is being tested in the Canary Islands

Singapore officially opens its fifth desalination plant on Jurong Island, with a capacity of 137,000 m3/day

The first reclaimed water reservoir in the north of Tenerife will be in Tegueste

Inauguration of Europe’s largest fire-fighting infrastructure using reclaimed water in the Parc Natural del Túria (Valencia)

Develop an analysis tool for the regulation of an energy recovery system, based on managing the flow and pressure setpoints in a water distribution system in an efficient way

China plans to become the world’s largest water technology market

The Institute of Ceramic Technology of Castellón participates in a project to promote the reuse of water

A new report expects the global water desalination market to grow from $13.5 billion in 2021 to $28.83 billion in 2030, an annual growth rate of 8.8%

Reclaimed water guarantees supply to face the summer in Tenerife

The Canary Islands loses almost half of the water it obtains from aquifers and the sea in the distribution networks

The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge launches a public consultation on the Royal Decree regulating the installation of floating photovoltaic plants on hydraulic infrastructures

MIT scientists invent small, portable device for desalinating seawater

Climate change is accelerating ocean currents and this may have a worrying domino effect

What are the harms of microplastics to humans?

Saudi Arabia will present 60 water projects worth $9.33 billion, which will triple the kingdom’s desalination capacity by 2027

Acuaes tenders the works for the Arona East Sanitation System in Tenerife for 48 million euros

Malaga City Council calls for tenders for the works to connect the Pilones DWTP with the El Atabal desalination plant for almost 900,000 euros

The Government approves the PERTE for the Digitalisation of the Water Cycle, with more than 3,000 million euros in public and private funds

Inauguran en Arabia Saudí la desaladora de ósmosis inversa más grande del mundo construida con tecnología española y en la que han participado varias de nuestras asociadas

The desalination plant, key to Volkswagen’s choice of Sagunto

France is committed to the regeneration and potable reuse of water with a pioneering project in the town of Sables-d’Olonne, on the country’s Atlantic coast

IDA held the first International Specialty Conference on Ocean Brine Mining in March

The Murcia-East wastewater treatment plant will supply reclaimed water for the irrigation of green areas

The mixed company of Aguas de Antigua tenders the photovoltaic installation at the desalination plant of Montaña Blanca (Fuerteventura) with an execution budget of 200,000 euros

Namibia announces plans to build the country’s second desalination plant in Erongo, a uranium-producing region of the country

ACWA Power has announced the sale of its entire 32% stake in Shuqaiq IWPP, with a desalination capacity of 212,000 m3/day at its Shuqaiq IWPP plant

Aramco has received bids for the project to develop an independent wastewater treatment plant (IWTP) at the Ras Tanura complex

The latest edition of the National Census of Discharges into the public water domain has been published

The government has approved the Biogas Roadmap to boost the development of this renewable gas and increase its production in our country

Microplastics detected in human blood

Pioneering system developed in Europe to filter micro- and nanoplastics from wastewater with ultrafiltration membranes with an efficiency of over 99%

The Japan Offshore Platform Technology and Engineering Research Association has designed a floating green hydrogen production plant that combines desalination plant and hydrogen extraction by electrolysis

The Fuerteventura Island Council calls for tenders for 3.8 million euros for the project to channel the water impulsion network from the desalination plant in Puerto del Rosario to the head tanks in La Herradura

Abengoa and Atner awarded the contract to expand the Tan-Tan brackish water desalination plant (Morocco)

The operation and maintenance service for the Moncófar desalination plant (Castellón) has been awarded for 1.8 million euros for a period of 2 years

Work began in mid-February on the Salto de Chira desalination plant

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria participates in the financing of two pilot solutions to reduce the operating costs of desalination plants

Due to the drought, Ceuta’s desalination plant supplies 100% of the city’s drinking water

The Institute of Domotics and Energy Efficiency of the University of Malaga has presented a model of a sustainable desalination plant, equipped with floating solar panels

Desalinated water consumption reached an all-time high on Ibiza last year

Catalonia increases the use of reclaimed water by nearly 30% by 2021

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area has presented its new Strategic Plan for the Integrated Water Cycle in which, among other actions, it plans to build a drinking water treatment plant and a water regeneration station in the Besòs

Almeria City Council calls for tenders for a 9-month study to analyse the impact of the desalination plant on the Bajo Andarax aquifer

A third desalination plant will increase the flow to farms isolated by the volcanic eruption on La Palma to 8,000 m3

Andalusia wants to use water from the Torrevieja desalination plant for the northern part of Almeria

The Generalitat Valenciana to install photovoltaic panels in 60 wastewater treatment plants in the Valencia Region

The Government approves the PERTE on Circular Economy to accelerate the transition towards a more efficient and sustainable production system

ACWA Power and R&D company Water Global Access have signed an agreement to integrate Hydraulic Injection Desalination (HID) technology into their desalination plants

Construction begins on the desalination plant on Kangaroo Island, south-west of Adelaide (Australia)

Doheny (California) desalination plant gets first state approval

The use of seawater desalination in the Argentinean province of Chubut is being considered

Dr. Srinivasa Sourirajan, father of reverse osmosis, the most widely used water desalination technology today, dies

Madrid’s Manzanares River, the most polluted by drugs in Europe, according to an international study

A Norwegian company to test a floating desalination plant powered by wave energy on Gran Canaria

The consortium of Metito, Scatec and Orascom are in talks with Egypt’s Sovereign Wealth Fund to build a $1.5 billion renewables-powered desalination plant

Pioneering technology enables compounds to be recovered from table olive production residues

Drought highlights structural water resources problem in Portugal

The world’s glaciers contain 20% less freshwater than previously estimated

The Andalusian Regional Government will invest 3.1 million euros in the extension of the El Atabal desalination plant (Malaga)

The Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority is planning to build a new desalination plant in the Al Hamriyah region of the United Arab Emirates

The Andalusian Regional Government calls for the construction of a desalination plant in Axarquia (Malaga)

ALADYR organises a webinar in English on 23 February on the latest advanced technologies for the extraction of ocean minerals and metals from desalination brine

The European Desalination Society (EDS) postpones to 20-23 June the event on desalination for the environment to be held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The ‘Isla de Lanzarote’ Irrigation Community is committed to the construction of a new desalination plant to obtain quality water for irrigation

Algeria restarts the project to build a new desalination plant in Bejaïa, which started in 2018 and was put on hold

Algeria is planning to build desalination plants in its 14 coastal wilayas

Benidorm Town Council has asked the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation to include the construction of a desalination plant in its 2022-2027 Hydrological Plan

ACS has retained ownership of the Escombreras desalination plant despite the sale of its subsidiary Cobra to the French group Vinci

Private investors are looking for land to build a desalination plant in Axarquia (Malaga)

ACUAES authorises the tender documents for the works at the Trigueros (Huelva) wastewater treatment plant

Contract awarded for the extension and improvement work on the Corralejos desalination plant (Fuerteventura)

Chile’s Ministry of Public Works is analysing two desalination plant construction projects for the Coquimbo region

The irrigators of the Lorca region unite to optimise the use of the Águilas desalination plant

The Government will approve in the first quarter of 2022 a PERTE to digitalise the urban, industrial and irrigation water sector in Spain that will mobilise 3 billion euros until 2026

Bahri, the Saudi national shipping company, starts testing Saudi Arabia’s first large floating desalination plant with a production capacity of 150,000 m3/day

They are studying the location of the first desalination plant in the Algarve (Portugal), as announced by the Association of Municipalities of the Algarve (AMAL)

Arizona governor announces major investment in desalination as one of the priority solutions to alleviate the state’s water shortages

Elche (Alicante) is implementing a plan to naturalise the urban environment that includes the use of reclaimed water to irrigate its historic palm grove

A set of surveys in three European Union countries has revealed a surprising acceptance of water and nutrient reuse

The Government approves a Royal Decree to reduce nitrate pollution and strengthen the protection of water bodies

The US Department of the Interior has announced funding opportunities for desalination and water reuse

The Andalusian Regional Government has earmarked 1.7 million euros for emergency works to incorporate reclaimed water for irrigation in the Axarquia region (Malaga)

Morocco’s National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) starts construction work on a new desalination plant in Sidi Rahhal, about 40 km southwest of Casablanca

A study reveals that the oceans during the Earth’s first 500 million years had a salinity of 7.5% and today contain approximately 2.5% salt

Public investment in water infrastructure in Spain has fallen by 29% in the last decade

Water Economy Forum urges promotion of reuse and improved governance to tackle water crisis

Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and the University of Valladolid develop a method to prioritise water reuse projects for irrigation

Spanish company Lantania bets on water desalination by creating a new business area

The Suggereix project launches a web platform that collects information on water reuse initiatives

Ocean pollution by microplastics could be higher than estimated

The alteration of nitrogen and phosphorus ratios in soil and water is affecting our health, biodiversity and ecosystem development

The Government of Catalonia will declare a drought pre-alert in Barcelona, a measure that involves increasing the use of desalinated water and monitoring water consumption

In commemoration of World Wetlands Day, here are some examples of how reclaimed water is helping to improve the status of wetlands in our country