Morocco receives a 5 million euro loan from Spain to start up two desalination plants in Zag and Moulay Brahim

Morocco will build a large capacity seawater desalination plant in Casablanca

Water starts trading on the Wall Street futures market with the Nasdaq Veles Califonia Water Index (NQH2O)

The European Parliament has approved the new Directive to improve the quality of drinking water by imposing stricter values for some pollutants such as lead

The Plan for Purification, Sanitation, Efficiency, Savings and Reuse (DSEAR Plan) is open to public exposure until December 31st

The XVI National Study on Water Supply and Sanitation in Spain 2020 is published by AEAS and AGA

A line of grants for 5 million euros aimed at Catalan municipalities for the implementation of actions to reuse reclaimed water is approved

Egypt will announce the construction of four new desalination plants in partnership with the private sector in January 2021

The Indian city of Mumbai will build its first desalination plant to mitigate the water shortages

The Catalan Water Agency recovers the project of building a new desalination plant in Cunit within the actions planned for the years 2022-2025

Madrid will start up the first green hydrogen generation plant with regenerated water

The Cabildo of Gran Canaria invests one million euros in increasing the efficiency of the Arucas-Moya desalination plant by 40%

The Madrid City Council has approved a 36 million euro framework agreement for investment in improvements in water management and green areas, which includes two sets of actions related to water reuse

The Torrevieja desalination plant has been awarded the contract for the development of the project to deliver resources to the Campo de Cartagena post-diversion canal

The remodelling of the third production line of the desalination plant in Formentera begins

Planning advances for the construction of a new desalination plant in Australia

Iran inaugurates a mega-project to bring desalinated water from the Persian Gulf to remote desert areas

15 million euros for water treatment and reuse in West Tenerife

A study undertaken the last 17 years that analyses the discharge of brine from a desalination plant in Spain once again confirms that its correct dissolution reduces its environmental impact to a minimum

The consortium formed by the Spanish company Cobra and the International Water Distribution Company (Tawzea) will develop and finance the wastewater treatment plant in Taif (Saudi Arabia)

The consortium led by Utico has been selected to develop the independent water project (IWP) of Hassyan (Dubai)

The Saur Group completes the acquisition of Nijhuis and creates a new industrial division with Saur Industrie, Unidro and Econvert

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announces the introduction of new actions to strengthen water reuse

Researcher Félix Francés elected new president of the Spanish Water Technology Platform

In Colombia only 18% of the municipalities treat their wastewater and 0% of them reuse water

A study reveals a novel way in which large volumes of fresh water are transported from the coast to the underwater aquifers on the island Hawaii, something that could also happen on other volcanic islands around the world

New ultrafiltration membrane combining silicon carbide technology with multiple ceramic materials announced

A Dutch company has signed an agreement with the government of Pakistan for the construction of a desalination plant in the city of Karachi

A detection method based on ultrafiltration is more sensitive for the detection of SARS CoV 2 in wastewater than methods based on adsorption and extraction

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has developed a membrane that self-cleanses biological contaminants by irradiating sunlight



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