The global water desalination market is expected to reach $32 billion by 2027

Morocco receives a 5 million euro loan from Spain to start up two desalination plants in Zag and Moulay Brahim

Morocco will build a large capacity seawater desalination plant in Casablanca

Water starts trading on the Wall Street futures market with the Nasdaq Veles Califonia Water Index (NQH2O)

The European Parliament has approved the new Directive to improve the quality of drinking water by imposing stricter values for some pollutants such as lead

The Plan for Purification, Sanitation, Efficiency, Savings and Reuse (DSEAR Plan) is open to public exposure until December 31st

The XVI National Study on Water Supply and Sanitation in Spain 2020 is published by AEAS and AGA

A line of grants for 5 million euros aimed at Catalan municipalities for the implementation of actions to reuse reclaimed water is approved

Egypt will announce the construction of four new desalination plants in partnership with the private sector in January 2021

The Indian city of Mumbai will build its first desalination plant to mitigate the water shortages

The Catalan Water Agency recovers the project of building a new desalination plant in Cunit within the actions planned for the years 2022-2025

Madrid will start up the first green hydrogen generation plant with regenerated water

The Cabildo of Gran Canaria invests one million euros in increasing the efficiency of the Arucas-Moya desalination plant by 40%

The Madrid City Council has approved a 36 million euro framework agreement for investment in improvements in water management and green areas, which includes two sets of actions related to water reuse

The Torrevieja desalination plant has been awarded the contract for the development of the project to deliver resources to the Campo de Cartagena post-diversion canal

The remodelling of the third production line of the desalination plant in Formentera begins

Planning advances for the construction of a new desalination plant in Australia

Iran inaugurates a mega-project to bring desalinated water from the Persian Gulf to remote desert areas

15 million euros for water treatment and reuse in West Tenerife

A study undertaken the last 17 years that analyses the discharge of brine from a desalination plant in Spain once again confirms that its correct dissolution reduces its environmental impact to a minimum

The consortium formed by the Spanish company Cobra and the International Water Distribution Company (Tawzea) will develop and finance the wastewater treatment plant in Taif (Saudi Arabia)

The consortium led by Utico has been selected to develop the independent water project (IWP) of Hassyan (Dubai)

The Saur Group completes the acquisition of Nijhuis and creates a new industrial division with Saur Industrie, Unidro and Econvert

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announces the introduction of new actions to strengthen water reuse

Researcher Félix Francés elected new president of the Spanish Water Technology Platform

In Colombia only 18% of the municipalities treat their wastewater and 0% of them reuse water

A study reveals a novel way in which large volumes of fresh water are transported from the coast to the underwater aquifers on the island Hawaii, something that could also happen on other volcanic islands around the world

New ultrafiltration membrane combining silicon carbide technology with multiple ceramic materials announced

A Dutch company has signed an agreement with the government of Pakistan for the construction of a desalination plant in the city of Karachi

A detection method based on ultrafiltration is more sensitive for the detection of SARS CoV 2 in wastewater than methods based on adsorption and extraction

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has developed a membrane that self-cleanses biological contaminants by irradiating sunlight

El Ayuntamiento de Vera (Almería) aprueba el Plan Estratégico de Sostenibilidad de los Recursos Hídricos 2021-2027 que contempla la construcción de una nueva planta potabilizadora y una nueva planta desaladora

Benidorm (Alicante) solicitará nuevas inversiones e infraestructuras de agua, entre ellas la construcción de una planta desaladora que produzca 3hm³ al año

El proyecto Life Desirows estudiará cómo convertir la salmuera de las desalobradoras agrícolas en agua y sales reciclables

La Asociación de Agricultores y Ganaderos de Canarias (ASAGA Canarias) pide ampliar o construir nuevas plantas desaladoras para combatir la sequía en la Isla Baja (Tenerife)

The Valencian Community establishes an economic exemption associated with the use of desalinated water for irrigation

The Andalusian olive grove could multiply by six its productivity with the use of regenerated water

A study by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid shows how to improve the performance of pumping stations

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will invest 680 million euros in a new hydraulic infrastructure plan, including the construction of a new desalination plant

Large participation of national and international companies in the open tenders to award the construction of the desalination plant of El Pajar and the six pump-turbines of the hydroelectric pumping station of Chira-Soria (Gran Canaria)

A project by the Qatar Foundation explores power generation using industrial wastewater with Delayed Pressure Osmosis (PRO) technology

Two tenders opened in India for the construction of two desalination plants, one for seawater and one for brackish water

Peru’s Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation contemplates 17 public-private partnership projects focused on purification and desalination

SEWGA, the Electricity, Water and Gas Authority of the Emirate of Sharjah, is planning the development of various water projects including the construction of desalination plants

The $3.2 million contract for the rehabilitation of the Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) desalination plant, where a new energy recovery system will be installed to improve its efficiency, has been awarded

The public consultation period of the National Plan for Purification, Sanitation, Efficiency, Saving and Reuse of Water (DSEAR Plan) has opened

The drafting of the rehabilitation project of the deposit of the desalination plant in Formentera (Balearic Islands) is approved

Saudi Water Partnership Company plans 11 new desalination plants to meet water demand by 2026

The construction project of the Huntington Beach desalination plant in California (United States) is delayed

Saline Water Conversion Corporation of Saudi Arabia invites proposals for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for a new reverse osmosis desalination plant in Jubail

Open tender in South Africa for the development and operation of a 625 m3/day seawater desalination plant

The Saudi Water Partnership Company invites expressions of interest for Ras Mohaisen IWP, the project to build a new desalination plant in Saudi Arabia

The construction of a new desalination plant in Chennai (India) goes out to tender

Construction of the desalination plant in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) goes out to international tender

The Consorcio de Gestión de Servicios Medioambientales de la Diputación de Badajoz has put out to tender the drafting of projects and construction management of 10 WWTPs

Acuaes tenders the system for purification and reuse of wastewater in the west of Tenerife

The extension and improvement of the water treatment plant in Bocabarranco (Gran Canaria) has been put out to tender. It will have a capacity of 5,000 m3/day and better quality for the reuse of water

Almar Water Solutions and Hassan Allam Holding (HAH) have acquired, through a joint venture, Ridgewood Egypt, which has a portfolio of 60 desalination plants in Egypt, with a combined capacity of 80,000 m3/day

Bureau of Reclamation will reward innovative, economical and environmentally sustainable solutions to improve indoor brackish water purification processes

Farmers in the region of La Axarquía (Málaga) will be able to irrigate with regenerated water from the water treatment plant in Vélez Málaga

The Aqaba Water Company of Jordan has launched a tender for the construction of a desalination plant in the Aqaba region. The deadline for submission of tenders is October 12th.

Panama Canal Authority opens pre-qualification contest for design of an optimized water resources system to ensure availability of drinking water and operations of the inter-oceanic waterway

Egypt will build 19 new desalination plants by 2022, with a total value of 690 million dollars and a total production of 550,000 m3/day

Three hydraulic infrastructure services are being tendered in the Canary Islands, including the drafting of a study for the industrial production of desalinated water in La Gomera and the drafting of the construction project for the Seawater Desalination Plant (EDAM)

Red Eléctrica de España has put out to tender the construction of the seawater desalination plant in El Pajar and the six turbine-pumps in Chira-Soria

IDA will award three outstanding individuals and organizations in the field of water reuse at its reuse event in Rome. Nominations are open

The Balearic Water Agency (ABAQUA) extends the contract for the desalination plant in Santa Eulària (Ibiza) for another year

The Shuaibah desalination plant in Saudi Arabia, built with Spanish technology, has been selected as the Desalination Plant of the Year at the Global Water Awards 2020

Desalinated water at 0.277 dollars/m3 is the tariff received by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority in the new tender for the Hassyan desalination plant (IWP)

Antofagasta Minerals is preparing an investment proposal for the Los Pelambres mine in Chile to use mainly seawater from 2025

Aguas Pacífico has awarded IDE Technologies the EPC contract for the Aconcagua desalination plant (Chile)

In October this year the Ministry of Electricity and Water of Kuwait will open the tender for the design of the first phase of the Nuwaiseeb desalination plant

The European Commission has published the tenth report on urban wastewater treatment in European Union countries

A European project will develop a new process for the recovery of high-value metals and minerals from the brine of desalination plants to transform them into raw materials

The VALORSAL Project investigates the valorization of brines through an innovative technology of electrodialysis with bipolar membranes

The tender for the implementation and commissioning of the system for treatment and reuse of wastewater from Granadilla de Abona (Tenerife) is now open

The Vega Renhace Project plans investments in 29 treatment plants that will allow the regeneration of 25 million m3 in the Vega Baja region of Valencia

Desalination and water reuse will be priority cooperation issues following the historic agreements recently signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain

The approval process for the construction of the desalination plant in Belmont (Australia) continues

A European project seeks to remove nitrates from groundwater and reuse them as agricultural fertilizer

The park El Recorral de Rojales (Alicante) has a new flooding infrastructure capable of storing 5,000 m3 of regenerated water, avoiding discharges into the lagoons of La Mata

The Campo de Cartagena Irrigation Community is considering building a desalination plant

The Gran Tarajal (Fuerteventura) desalination plant doubles its capacity with three new portable desalination modules

A study certifies the benefits of regenerated water in the cultivation of olive trees

A new filtration system based on the use of polymer membranes with activated carbon removes steroid hormones in the water with an efficiency of more than 99%

The MITECO and the Madrid City Council have agreed to entrust the state-owned company ACUAES with the execution of the purification plants of La China, Sur and Butarque

The Keppel Marina East desalination plant in Singapore begins operation. The 137,000m3/day plant is characterized by its duality and treatment equipment located completely underground

The contract for the work on the third production line of the desalination plant in Formentera is out to tender. The deadline for submitting bids is July 20th

The Fuerteventura Island Council launches a tender for the acquisition, installation and commissioning of three portable seawater desalination plants

Murcia will invest 39 million in treatment plants around the Mar Menor to improve treatment and comply with new EU regulations on reuse

Valencia allocates 6.5 million euros to finance irrigation modernization projects and subsidizes, among others, reuse and desalination works

Egypt plans to build 47 seawater desalination plants in 5 years with a combined capacity of 2.44 million m3/day

Mexican company Cipro wins bid to develop the engineering project for the Desalination Plant in La Paz, Baja California Sur

The European Commission has officially communicated its decision not to amend the Water Framework Directive

Malaga promotes a project to irrigate green areas and golf courses with regenerated water by duplicating the tertiary system in the Guadalhorce treatment plant

Fenacore believes that irrigation water will be of higher quality, even than surface water, with the entry into force of the European regulation on water reuse

The demand for irrigation water from the Torrevieja desalination plant triples the supply of 80 hm3

The Cabildo of Tenerife has increased the production of regenerated water by 60% in the last 12 months

Aclima-Basque Environment Cluster and URA will collaborate to promote reuse in the Basque industry

55% of the municipal waste water that reaches the treatment plants in the Balearic Islands exceeds the salinity limits set by the regulations, which prevents its reuse for agricultural purposes

Almeria capital will increase the production of desalinated water: 80% of the consumption in the capital will be desalinated water

United Arab Emirates architects create magnesium cement from desalination brine

European Regulation on the water reuse for agricultural irrigation has been approved

BHEL’s bidding delivery date for various municipal water projects in India has been postponed

Codelco (Chile) seeks formula to speed up the award of the desalination plant by avoiding a new tender

Strong Spanish presence and that of our partners in the prequalification for the construction of the WWTP – Madinah 3 ISTP in Saudi Arabia

DEWA re-tenders the Hassyan desalination plant under the Independent Water Producer (IWP) model. Bids can be submitted until August 3rd

The new desalination plant in Jubail 3A IWP (Saudi Arabia) will be built by a consortium led by Acwa and will have an investment value of 650 million dollars

Acuaes approves the tender documents to improve the purification and reuse system in Granadilla de Abona (Tenerife) worth almost 40 million euros

Algeria plans to build three new seawater desalination plants in the near future

The Aguas de Asturias Consortium tenders the operation of the Baiña and Riosa water treatment plants for 11 million

The EDAR of Ledrada (Salamanca) has put out a tender for 4.2 million euros to service 2.300 households. Tenders may be submitted until July 7th

Tender for a consultancy to carry out a study to assess uses and alternatives for the reuse of water from the WWTP in Reus (Tarragona)

Delay in awarding the extension of the Melilla desalination plant due to a reckless low bid

The Xunta de Galicia seeks innovative solutions for water reuse and energy optimization of treatment plants with the Innovaugas 4.0 project

The Fuerteventura Island Council launches a 6 million euro emergency plan to guarantee water supply, which includes increasing the amount of desalinated water and performing repairs to the network

The EU will finance projects on the efficient combination of water desalination with solar energy systems within Horizon 2020

The Catalan Water Agency plans to triple water reuse in the coming years

Egypt builds a large desalination plant with a capacity of 1 million m3/day for agricultural drainage treatment, recycling and water reuse

New legislation passed in June 2019 boosts wastewater reuse in Abu Dhabi

IDE Technologies wins the tender for the construction and operation for 25 years of the desalination plant Soreq 2 (Israel)

Water reuse opportunities in Florida: 280 projects are in the design or construction phase

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is launching a solar desalination challenge with prizes of up to $9 million

The Republic of Fiji is investing in mobile desalination plants to supply water in emergency situations

Fire prevention with regenerated water is the focus of the Guardian project being developed in the Turia Natural Park (Valencia)

The Valencian Government will merge Vaersa and Epsar into one entity to strengthen the bidding process

Thailand bets on water desalination with the construction of a large desalination plant to supply the industries in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)

Plans to expand the desalination plant in Sydney (Australia) are on hold

Kazakhstan commits to water desalination with the forthcoming construction of a large desalination plant

Offshore aquifer found off South Island could help New Zealand tackle droughts

Shrinking snowcaps fuel harmful algal blooms in Arabian sea which disrupts desalination plants. These problems may hit other regions

A CSIC team develops a methodology to detect and monitor harmful algal blooms

Submersible robots will monitor Posidonia Oceanica in the Balearic Islands during the fourth monitoring campaign which will last until the end of September

UA consortium formed by the Spanish company Abengoa will build the desalination plant Jubail 3A (Saudi Arabia), with a capacity of 600,000 m3/day

The Saudi Water Partnership Company postpones bidding date for the Jubail 3B Independent Water Project (IWP) to 12th July

The Emirate company Metito and the Egyptian company Orascom Contrustion build a desalination plant in El-Arich (Egypt) within the framework of a public-private partnership (PPP)

CSIC researchers develop a method for alerting to COVID-19 by analyzing wastewater

German and Kenyan companies will jointly develop 40 solar-powered water desalination systems in several counties in Kenya

The project for the extension of the Torrevieja desalination plant will be carried out by Desalia Water-Aralia Ingeniería

The Ministry of Health guarantees the quality of tap water against coronavirus

The Government approves 8.5 million in aid for desalinated water in the Canary Islands

The European Council approved at first reading the European regulation on re-use. It must now be adopted at a second reading by the European Parliament

UAE’s Centurium Prize challenges solutions to reduce brine discharge in water desalination with the ‘Rethink Brine’ award

The World Bank publishes the “Waste to Resource” report on wastewater management, in which they propose four key actions to achieve a paradigm shift

The conference of the European Desalination Society (EDS) to be held in June in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has been postponed until September